Easter Brings Joy to Orphans and the Less Fortunate

You are close in our work and you remain in our prayers every day.

As we reflect on the new hope and Joy of Easter, I’m reminded of the blessing and grace of having friends like you supporting our work… compassionate, caring people who know that families and individuals in our community are hurting and in dire need of help.

Unlike many others, you refuse to close your eyes to their pain. You see the need, you know you have the power to help and you DO help. How blessed we are for that!

With your support, we fed children and our neighbors in need. Providing them Ice Cream, warm meal and with emergency assistance. Giving them a safe and comfortable place to rely on and rebuild their lives.

And beyond the material aid that you made possible, you shared something equally powerful: hope. While food, shelter, warm clothing, furniture and other material support are essential, they aren’t enough.

Every one of us also needs hope to live.

These thoughts are on my mind as we continue into the year 2017. Together, we can provide hope to the many in our community who are living through hard times. Will you make a gift today to support children at the orphanage and our neighbors in need and share with them the hope and compassion throughout the year?

Thanks to YOUR support we are able to be there for struggling families and children…

 We can help to provide safe shelter for the homeless, warm meals for the hungry and above all compassion for the hopeless.

This is the fruit and blessing of YOUR support…

Please, will you send a gift today to help more children and families?

Your gift will spread the powerful gift of HOPE. Together, we can help children and families who need it most.

God bless you and may all the hope and joy be yours!

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