Do You Know Where Your Money Goes?

We have such an amazing donor family, here at Ba Nga Afayo Initiative Uganda  – remarkable, generous people who love the poor. Many of them found us, after hearing about one (or more) of our projects and then give to it tenaciously… as if the people they serve were a part of their own family.

We also have a child sponsors who give regularly to support their children, and those who give but never designate it to a specific cause. They just want to give to whoever needs it most.

“Most”… a funny word. There are so many needs to fill, it’s hard to pick one that rises above the rest. Here’s a small sampling of what you do at Ba Nga Afayo Initiative Uganda:

  • YOU work with a team of young people rescuing kids from streets and homelessness in Uganda.
  • YOU are providing education to the non-sponsored school going children at the orphanage.
  • YOU provide daily meals and treated drinking water at the orphanage.
  • YOU provide medical care to over 50 children at the orphanage.
  • YOU provide shelter for abused women and children.
  • YOU provide monthly care for several widows, who are acting as mother figures to the children at the orphanage and those who have helped by temporarily taking in children due to the limited space at the orphanage.
  • YOU are providing scholastic materials/school supplies to over 500 children from poverty stricken children in the community where we work.
  • YOU are helping build a permanent children’s home and community center.

So many more needs exist here that we haven’t reached yet, but we are growing toward them.

If you would like to know more about how to help or which projects to support, kindly visit our “How To Help” section or get in touch with us.

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