Christmas 2016! The Day we shall never forget

For every child, Christmas is one of the best days in the year. To a typical African child, Christmas means new clothes, going to the village, visiting relatives, eating meat and chicken for the lucky ones. Christmas is when you get to show off your new shoes but this is not the case with the children at our children’s home and the entire community where we work.

Sadly, Christmas for them is just like any other day. A few children at the orphanage who attend our bible studies know that it is a special day since the world gets to celebrate the birth of Jesus, for most of the children in the community it is just something they hear about but cannot relate to.

Well, BaNgaAfayo Initiative Uganda had good news and a surprise for them this Christmas thanks to all of you that donated to our Christmas Appeal Campaign. Christmas is a day for celebration and what better way to celebrate than with these children. We managed to give each and every child a gift, dolls for the girls and toy cars for the boys. Plus a bonus of eye glasses (shades) for them to see through the year.

The most important thing was to spend some quality time with these children and luckily we did so. We were able to explain to them the meaning of Christmas and even got a chance to answer some of their questions about the birth of Christ. We taught them some easy but fun Christmas carols and together we danced to them. And because Christmas also meant family time, we got to share a meal with them.

BaNgaAfayo had something for the single mothers and the elderly too who are struggling in poverty. Food packages, bread and sugar were given to them as Christmas gifts.

The main purpose for this Christmas experience was to help these children attach meaning to Christmas. Instead of it being just another day on the calendar, it should be a day that rhymes with Jesus, joy, fun, family and friends.

We want to thank each and every one of you who made this happen. We can do more together…

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