2nd #BackToSchool Charity Drive: How it went down

Ba Nga Afayo Initiative had a fundraising campaign with an aim of raising $1500 so that we could provide scholastic materials for the children before they went to school. We are happy for everyone who contributed to this campaign because you made it a success.

Before we kicked off the day’s activity, being a Christian organization we had time to fellowship with the children, sing with them Sunday school rhymes and share the word of God from the book of Mark 10:14. The children then shared with us their thoughts on what they thought Jesus was. To some he is the Saviour, a healer, a son of God to mention but a few. They also shared with us what is expected of a good child. It was lovely seeing how innocent and pure these children were and how eager they were to talk about Jesus.

Children singing Sunday school rhymes and listening to the word of God

Children singing Sunday school rhymes and listening to the word of God

From the money that was collected during the charity drive we bought books, pencils and pens for over 200 children plus sanitary pads for teenage girls. Many of their parents thanked us saying that we were Heaven sent. This is because with the reporting date to school approaching they did not know how they were going to buy these materials. Majority of the parents and guardians are farmers and for a long while it has been a dry season so they did not have much produce to sell.

We also did not leave the adolescents and mothers out, we provided them with sanitary towels. Sanitary towels are a luxury and many of these adolescents use rugs which are a bit hard to keep clean with their busy schedule. With the right materials these girls get confidence and also start loving their bodies.

The parents and guardians of these children play the important role in raising these children. They do all they can to see them go to school or put something in their stomachs. So when they fail to provide it kills them inside, I mean which parent wouldn’t love to see their child grow into someone important? For them we had sugar and farming hoes to ease their work in the gardens and to give them hope that all is well for God is in control.

Finally we shared a meal with the children knowing that we had helped put a brick on their future.


We can do more together, you can donate to this cause to help us reach out to more children in need. God bless you.

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