The Land Campaign

A place our children can run to when in need of comfort, a place to call home

At BaNgaAfayo (Show you Care) Initiative Uganda we have more than 200 children waiting for sponsorship among which 50 are directly under our care. With the monthly payment of 200$ as rent for the already small space of accommodation and the inadequate funds we can accommodate only a few children yet more are in need of housing.


Team members taking a tour around the desired land

We have been looking at a certain piece of land of four acres, one that is fertile enough for farming and really safe for the children. All we need is 7000$ to buy the land where we intend to build a new home for the children, a place where they can be loved and looked after. Also a community center where we can engage the rest of the community in different activities like trainings on family planning, life skills; a place where we can encourage agriculture so as to be able to sustain ourselves with food products grown by us and therefore allocate funds formerly needed to get food materials to other welfare areas.

Baby Shaluwa and Baby Derick Sleeping on the Floor

Babies taking a nap on the floor after along day of play

We want this home to be a resting place, as well as a place of hope for the children. There will be caretakers skilled at handling the different challenges that these children face seeing that some are war children others are former street children, orphans and some coming from violent homes.

Children sited in the dusty compound having a meal

Children sited in the dusty compound having a meal

Currently when we have a community outreach we use our dusty rented compound. It is here that we carry out most of our activities but it is not the most comfortable of places and we cannot build permanent structures for shade as we only rent the place.

With our own space we shall be able to set up an area where these children can sit, have food, share stories, play and rest more comfortably.

Join our fight today and help us achieve this, with a gift of $10, $15 $20 or more you can help us raise $7000. God bless you

Watch the video below for more information…

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