Statement of Faith


BaNgaAfayo Initiative Uganda is a ministry based on Christian principles, preaching the true gospel of Christ to the lost and providing critical assistance to former street children, orphans and families struggling in terrible poverty in Uganda.

The ministry welcomes members, staff, and volunteers without faith or of other faiths who respect our faith and observe our ethos.

Statement of Faith and Ethos

BaNgaAfayo Initiative Uganda is a ministry whose roots are firmly based in the Christian faith.

Our inspiration comes from the teachings of Jesus Christ, as recorded in the Bible in James 1:27.

We champion the cause of serving children, young people and families struggling in terrible poverty in Kayunga District, Uganda. We show them the love of God for all people, through preaching and through our actions. We also open the eyes of all those who are blind to the needs of the homeless and vulnerable in our community. We see Christ in the face of all who seek our help and support. We believe all human beings are made in the image of God and as such should be treated with dignity and self-worth by:

  • Hearing, and helping to give a voice to, the homeless and vulnerable people in our community.
  • Standing with them and not above them
  • Encouraging participation and engagement rather than dependency
  • Respecting difference and not expecting or demanding conformity