partner with bangaafayo


Becoming a BaNgaAfayo partner through our Monthly Giving Program means that we can count on your timely support month after month. This allows BaNgaAfayo to deliver long lasting impact to the children and communities we serve.

Additionally, as our partner, you will receive exclusive updates on our work, be the first to know about our upcoming events, and future programs.

A year’s commitment of:

$30/mo. – Provides 50 children with lunch for a whole month.

$40/mo. – Provides a child with new shoes, uniforms, textbooks, and supplies so he/she may attend school.

$60/mo. – Gives the gift of education for a child in need. Provides one child with shoes, uniform, textbooks, supplies and all the school fees to attend a boarding school for an entire year.

$100/mo. – Helps BaNgaAfayo to implement the next phase in our education program by allowing us to invest in our first ever Sustainable Development Project.

Monthly giving is a convenient and effective way to donate and it sustains our work throughout the year.

If you have any questions about our Monthly Giving Program, please contact us.