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It’s a shocking statistic that a child dies of hunger every 15 seconds – that is four children every minute. Though there is enough food for everyone in the world, not everyone has enough food. That’s why our ability to grow our own food and become a sustainable ministry is key to the survival of the children in our care at BaNgaAfayo Initiative Uganda.

With a small gift of $10, $20, $50 or more you can make a difference and provide food security for the orphans.

For the past four months we have continuously failed to raise the needed monthly funds for our food program and we have continued to watch children eat grass/weeds or go to bed hungry on several days. This proves why we need to create our self-sustainable food project, so that these wonderful children can survive the tough times ahead.

I humbly call upon everyone with a kind heart to join us in this fight to raise $5000 to have this project started. This is how we intend to use the funds that will be raised.

$500   – Will be used to clear and cultivate the 1 acre land where we intend to put the project.
$1000 – Will be used to purchase seeds and plants to be grown (Beans, Maize, cow peas, g-nuts, potatoes, bananas and much more)
$1000 – Will be used to put up structures for the piggery and poultry project.
$2000 – Will be used to purchase the first chicks and about 10 piglets plus their feeds
$500   – Will be used to pay for local labour to help set up the structures.

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