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Every day children, walk miles to have access to any water at all. The length of time it takes to collect the little water they can get means that they do not have time to do anything else during the day. Children do not get the chance to have an education simply because they are too busy collecting water.

To make matters worse, the only water they have access to is from streams and ponds. This water is usually full of diseases and makes the children very sick.

Is dirty water better than no water at all?

Having no water has devastating effects both on children and the community at large. Children need water in order to live and if they do not have any, or they have too little, they will become dangerously, even life-threateningly, dehydrated.

However, the risks of drinking dirty water are just as great as drinking no water at all. For every five children that die in developing countries, one will die because of water related diseases. The choice between life-threatening dehydration and life-threatening water related disease is not a choice that any person should have to make. And there really is no need for this choice to exist, as there is a solution.


The cost of buying a water tank is $1500. The extra funds we raise will be used to hire local labor to install, to purchase piping for the tank, to build the tank and to build a rain catchment system to fill the tank.

You can be a part of making this simple but tremendous change by giving a gift of $5, $10, $20 or whatever you feel led to give.

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