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BaNgaAfayo Initiative Uganda
Donation Goal For This Project is $3,000
3% Donated/$2,890 To Go
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In area where we work, obtaining basic necessities like food and shelter is a daily struggle. Help us to improve children’s lives with gifts that improve sanitation, health and access to clean water.

Currently we provide children with some basic needs plus some affordable education. You can partner with us and help in meeting these basic needs by contributing on our monthly basic needs expenditures.

We provide shelter to some of the children in our care under rented premises of 200 US Dollars per month as we look forward to building our own home and community center.


With any love gift, you can either contribute to our monthly rent of 200 US Dollars or our food monthly expenses. Your donation will help us pay for our premises and stock more food since it is the most basic of all human needs.

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