Help fund our new home and community center

It is time to build

Help fund our new home and community center

Ba Nga Afayo Community Center

About this project

Over the past three years we have been providing shelter and basic care to 50 homeless children and orphans as well as providing children from our surrounding community with free care, counseling, school supplies and education scholarships. Many of these Children come from broken or poverty stricken families and our center is a haven for them, whenever they need it.

Our staff does a remarkable job in the limited space available to them. Operating in an outdated building, they’re helping more than 500 kids benefit from the vital services our supporters make possible.

With your help, we can build a new facility to accommodate many more deserving children.

Critical issues

New construction will solve critical issues we face at our current center:

  • Room to roam. No more overcrowded space without room for kids to play. A big, bright hall, playroom and outdoor playground will keep everyone comfortable.
  • Healthy place to feed. No more sitting in the unhealthy dusty compound while eating. Kids will have their own feeding space and well-equipped kitchen!
  • No more turning children away because we don’t have room for them to gather. They’ll have their own dedicated space for youth programs, job trainings and we spaced dormitories for the homeless children.

Be part of this amazing project

Invest in the future of our children and community by supporting our new community center today!


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About the new center

The new community center will be a place of relief to less fortunate children, widows, youth, poverty stricken families, and the surrounding community. It will be distinguished by an integrated focus on child protection, youth development, family support, health and social services, and community development. It will extend the school day and week, reaching children, students, their families and community residents in unique ways.

It will serve as space where children and youth receive care, can safely play and study, and where they learn the skills they need to become empowered and to overcome poverty.


Naming opportunities

Gifts of $1,000 and greater include:

  • Updates. Stay in-the-know on how the project is progressing and when it will be inaugurated.
  • Inaugural invitation. Receive a personal invitation to the opening and to visit the center anytime.
  • Appreciation. See your name, or the name of someone important to you, inscribed on a plaque in the center.

Name a room

The chance to leave a lasting impression on our Community Center by naming one of the rooms in the facility. The spaces that are changing the lives of kids will feature the name of you or someone you love. That’s powerful stuff. (Several of these opportunities — including the Computer Center and Library & Resource Center — are waiting for pledges from donors.)


The land

The one acre land near our old center where we intend to build the facility where children can be loved and looked after as well as engage the rest of the community in different activities like trainings on different issues.


Building Materials

These are the most important Items in the building stage these will be but not limited to Wood, Bricks, Sand, Cement, Stones, Steel, Iron Sheets, Water Supply, Building Tools etc

Funds needed: $20,000


Nutrition Center/Kitchen

This is where we intend to cook and offer advice on how to serve affordable, nourishing meals that help families save money and improve their health. Kids and parents alike get to participate, learn and cook together.

Funds needed: $6000

Community enrichment hall

The casual gathering space can host a variety of important functions, such as a training space for volunteers. Equally important, it’s where we will bring the community together and build relationships.

Funds needed: $10,000

Multisports court

A beautifully designed space that can easily accommodate many children at a time, this will be the most used areas by children and youth. Sports for Development program activities — which encourage fun and exercise while learning important life skills — will happen here.

Funds needed: $10,000

Computer lab

Well-designed computer labs for kids and older children, run by a well-educated and qualified personnel, with one-on-one access, which means there is one computer for each child. Pre – primary kids will learn words through PowerPoint presentations and innovative software.

Funds needed: $15,000

Children’s Library

The Children’s Library will provides educational and cultural resources for children aged 4 to 18. It will have a large collection of picture books, bible story books, nonfictional books, and multimedia materials in several languages covering a wide range of subjects from art to zoology.

Funds needed: $10,000

Girls’ & boys’ dormitories

The dormitories will provide shelter for the 50 homeless children (boys and girls) currently directly under our care. Every dormitory will have a house mother who will be the immediate care taker and overnight watcher for the children and will always make sure children’s needs are met.

Funds needed: $15,000


Children’s playground

A secure, outdoor space for our younger kids to be kids, have fun and make connections with each other. It will also include a section  for kids with special needs who may not be able to play like everyone else.

Funds needed: $3000