Child Sponsorship: what’s it all about?

Give a child a better future by helping to meet community needs with long-term solutions.

Please make sure that you finish FAQ below.

What does Child Sponsorship do for the child?

Our Child Sponsorship program helps children living under our care and disadvantaged region where we work escape poverty by paying for their education and financially supplementing the communities in which they live
Using your donations, we identify the causes of the child’s poverty and vulnerability, and we create development projects designed to address them.
We work with local families, community groups, and governments to break the cycle of poverty and create long-term change.
All children in the community benefit from improved healthcare, education, water sanitation and food.

What do I get when I decide to sponsor a child?

As a child sponsor, you’ll get:
1. A folder containing your sponsored child’s photo and personal details, information about your sponsored child’s community, and more
2. Annual progress reports showing the health and educational status of your sponsored child, and the achievements the community has made with your support
3. Regular editions of our Impact Report
4. A personal connection with your sponsored child through letters, e-letters, cards and photos

How do I make donation or sponsorship payments?

You can pay by PayPal, Offline Money Transfer, or credit card. There are options for contributing monthly, quarterly, or annually.
We encourage automatic credit card or PayPal recurring payments, since it’s easy and reliable.

Can I get a tax deductible receipt?

We are NOT a 501(c)3 so your donation will not be tax deductible. We believe in pure religion and understand we will be judged in a great way based on how we help the poor shown in Matthew 25.

How are children chosen for sponsorship?

Apart from the children already living under our care, we work with community representatives to identify the areas of greatest need in the community then chooses children from those specific areas for sponsorship.
Participation in this sponsorship programs is voluntary, and sponsored children and their families choose to be a part of the program. We always respect the rights of families to make decisions about this.

Am I the only sponsor for my sponsored child?

Yes. BaNgaAfayo (act if you care) initiative Uganda assigns only one sponsor per sponsored child

BaNgaAfayo (act if you care) initiative Uganda is a Christian organization. Does that mean you only assist those with the same faith?

While we are motivated by our Christian values and faith, at BaNgaAfayo (act if you care) initiative Uganda we recognize that many people in the area where we work do not share our beliefs.
The primary focus our work is addressing the immediate and long-term development needs of communities, particularly the most vulnerable. We respond to these needs regardless of the religion or beliefs of a community or of individual community members.
As we do work in partnership with communities, depending on specific circumstances we may partner with local faith-based groups and encourage their participation in the development process.