Who we are

BaNgaAfayo! Translated? It means, “Show you care” Reason being that if it’s too much to ask that people become part of solving a problem, can they at least show that they care? That itself would require action!
BaNgaAfayo (Show you care) Initiative Uganda is a Christian based ministry providing critical assistance to former street children, orphans and families struggling in terrible poverty in Uganda.

Through Donations and help from our friends around the world we provide resources, programs and services that allow us to reduce the burden of poverty on impoverished children, former street children and orphans, invest in their potential and provide them with opportunities to grow up healthy, educated and prepared to succeed and contribute to society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring real and lasting change to children living in poverty. In partnership with contributors, we reduce their daily struggles, invest in their potential, and provide them with the opportunity to grow up healthy, educated and prepared to succeed and contribute to society.

Where your money goes.

We appreciate all donations in support of our work helping Uganda’s most vulnerable children and young people. Whatever the size of the donation, we manage your gift responsibly to ensure the maximum benefit for children.

Where we work

According to UNICEF, Uganda has 2.5 million orphans. Of that number, 1.2 million are orphaned by AIDS. What do these numbers mean? Many Ugandan children suffering as a result of being orphaned. They lack some of the most basic needs in life, especially the experience of a parent’s love.

Sponsor a child today!

When you sponsor a child with BaNgaAfayo, you change a child’s life — forever! Your support changes every aspect of your sponsored child’s life.

You will be so blessed over the years as you build a relationship with your child through letters, photos and prayers. And we can even help you visit your child here in Uganda. The relationship between a sponsor and a child is powerful and unique. You will be inspired blessed and encouraged for years to come!

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